Friday, June 6, 2008

Baby Miraculously Survives Abortion, Expected to Live 'Normal' Life

I was reading this article today on and was once again amazed at the beauty of human life. How easy it is to forget that we do not create ourselves, but are part of a much bigger and divine plan. This is a story of a woman who feared losing her baby to a life-threatening disease, as had been the case for a previous child. The baby was already diagnosed in the womb. At 8 weeks, she went in for the abortion. At 19 weeks, she realized she was still pregnant. The baby was born. Although there was a condition, the baby is expected to live a full life.

Each life has a promise, a purpose, and lots of potential. You never know what God has stored up in the life a baby. I remember when my wife was pregant with all three of ours (not at the same time!), we looked forward to finding out the sex of the baby, because we wanted to name them immediately. Why? Because they were a God-created human being, and we wanted them to have identity. To us, they weren't just "the baby," "the child," and definitely not, "the fetus." To us, they were Vincent, Faith, and Nathan. All created by God.

Thirty years ago, there was a man and a woman who had been told by their doctors that they child she was carrying would not make it. There were too many complications and the child, if it were to make it, would not live a normal life. The couple went in for the abortion. The mom decided that she just couldn't do it and decided to have the baby anyway.

Well, I am so glad that she did, because that baby that wasn't supposed to live, or live normally, is my beautiful wife, the great mother of three awesome kids, an honor graduate from college, and a great encouragement to anyone she meets! God creats life, and life is beautiful.


Donna Marie Merritt said...

The beautiful photo you have on your blog of two hands holding a child...who owns the copyright? I'd like to ask permission to use it on my pro-life site (

Also, just so you know...Linking everyday people to the God who creates everyday...the last "everyday" is actually "every day"...two words. :)

Anonymous said...

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