Friday, May 2, 2008


Life is an amazing thing. It is filled with extremes. One of the biggest extremes I think I have ever encountered as been an emotional one THIS WEEK. Wednesday night, I walked out of a place that I have loved being for the last 3 years. Those last three years have been ones of great reward, seeing countless teenagers come to know Christ, develop a love and passion for Him, and sharing with others. How incredible it has been seeing them surrendered before God, crying out to Him for change in their hearts...and seeing Him do it! But, as I walked out of the church on Wednesday night, the realization finally started to hit me. I was no longer the youth pastor of these TRULY AMAZING teenagers. Although they will always have a place in my heart, I know that our connecction will never be the same.

Yesterday, I walked into another church with the realization that I was now the senior pastor of a congregation I have already started to fall in love with. I walked into my new office with both excitement and fear & trembling. I am just 2 weeks shy of being 30 and am very much aware of my need for the Holy Spirit of God to be in total control. I am so excited about the possibilities of what God will do. The Bible is full of accounts of God using ordinary, insignificant, inadequate, and inexperienced people to extraordinary things! I am believing God that I may be one of those people. The possibilities are endless because the promises and faithfullness of the God I serve is endless. And so will be my dependency on Him.

From one extreme to another, I find myself refixing my grip to the hands of the Savior. He is God. He is in control. He is leading. And I am excited!

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